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Trap Series 01

June 19th, 2007 (03:41 pm)

#3! yay! lols. another one of my all time favorites. Renai Trap. the first!

Suwabe Junichi x Suzumura Kenichi <3 

The translation is too big so I'm going to post it in 2 posts.

Renai Trap
Love Trap
Suwabe Junichi x Suzumura Kenichi
Tsuji Shinobu - Suzumura Kenichi
Hidaka Kouji - Suwabe Junichi
Kataoka Ryouichi - Okiayu Ryuutarou
Touya - Chiba  Susumu
Notes: This is a very vague and simplified and LITERAL translation made from listening to the drama cd over and over based on my limited knowledge of Japanese and dictionary ^__^;; Reading without listening may be confusing ^__~ Please credit me [http://seikred.livejournal.com] if you share. =D share in any way desired ^o^
[translations notes]
Track 01 [3:10]
Shinobu: (It happened one day during lunch break. It was quiet and I was at the final place of inspection, the forbidden rooftop. I, Tsuji Shinobu, caught someone breaking the rules. )
Shinobu: He sure has guts to be sleeping here. Who the hell is this?
Shinobu:  (Our school, Izumi Gakuen, the junior high session, because it has a lot of famous or rich people's children, is a pretty carefree and lenient all boys [private] school. There are some people who came from middle classed families like me, but mostly it’s full of those people who are sons of company presidents, or actors, people who are not to be ignored. Because of that the tasks of the Public morals committee are just simple inspections, and dealing with latecomers.)
Hidaka: ..... .....
Shinobu: Get up already!
Shinobu: (! Isn't he one of the blacklisted listed freshman this year, Hidaka Kouji?
Shinobu: Hey, AH! Let go! What are you doing all of a sudden? If you were awake you should have said something! uh.. mm....
Shinobu: (Why.... am I being kissed by Hidaka? I.... can't use any strength....)
Shinobu+ Hidaka: nnn...
Shinobu: (No... he even.. in my mouth.. Why? My body feels so hot, it feels like its going to melt from the inside to the outside. )
Hidaka: teh!!!
Hidaka: ah..
Shinobu: Dammit! I have heard that he's the type that has no morals and plays around a lot but I never thought that I would ever meet him like this! Whatever! Breaking rules or not, as if I'm going to have anything more to do with him! However, this outrageous happening was only the first trap that I've fallen into.
Track 02 [3:35]
Ryouichi: Shinobu! Hey Shinobu! What are you doing dazing out like that? You're kind of late today, did something happen?
Shinobu: Ryouichi.. Nothing in particular!
Shinobu: (This is Kataoka Ryouichi, he is the Public Morals Committee president, and was in the same class as me since freshman year. We do everything together, he's a good friend of mine. He's perfect in everything that he does, but he doesnt give off any feeling of resentment. He's also tall, and has a very elegant [upper class] face. Even I think he looks very cool.)
Ryouichi: Then what happened to your tie?
Shinobu: Huh?
Shinobu: (My tie's gone! Can it be at that time... Dammit, Hidaka that bastard, when did he....)
Shinobu: Um, I didn’t feel so good before so I took it off for a bit. Looks like I forgot it somewhere. ah. haha.haa.
Ryouichi: Are you feeling ok? We still have a meeting after class, isn’t it better for you to go rest at the infirmary now?
Shinobu: Uh, But I'm ok now. Hidaka??
Ryouichi: Why is he coming to the second year's classroom?
Hidaka: Tsuji senpai! Here, you forgot something.
Shinobu: Ah, my tie.
Ryouichi: Why do you have that?
Hidaka: Senpai just ran off suddenly, I couldn’t give it back before. Ok, don’t move.
Shinobu: Huh?
Hidaka: Heh, Just as I thought, you look better with the tie.
Shinobu: ..wha..
Ryouichi: Can you not touch Shinobu please.
Hidaka: Don’t interfere with us! I have business with Tsuji senpai.
Ryouichi: Whatever business you have should have been finished.
Hidaka: My main point is something else. It's none of your business!
Ryouichi: Hey, What kind of attitude is that to your upperclassmen?
Hidaka: You're noisy, shut up for a little. Senpai.
Shinobu: What? If you got something to say just say it already. I'm listening.
Hidaka: Is that so, then I'll say it. Senpai. Become mine!
Shinobu: huh?
Hidaka: Your answer?
Shinobu: Why....Why do I have to become yours?!
Hidaka: Because, you are my destined partner. Isn’t it obvious?
Shinobu: Huh? What are you saying..
Ryouichi: Hey you, I kept quiet just now for a little, what are you planning?
Hidaka: What is that? You didn’t understand? I knew right away. It was the first time I had a kiss as good as that, I was so surprised before, that I couldn’t stop.
Shinobu: AHH!! Don’t joke with me, if you want to make fun of someone find someone else!
Hidaka: I'm not making fun of you. I'm saying this seriously.
Shinobu: Seriously?
Hidaka: Moreover, if just a kiss was already that good, then our bodies' compatibility must be great too.
Shinobu: (Body compatibility...... body........ compatibility..... can it be... can be ....)
Track 03 [8:04]
Ryouichi: Are there any other questions? If there aren’t any then today’s Public morals meeting is dismissed. For your route of inspection please review your printouts. Shinobu.
Shinobu: Huh?
Ryouichi: You dazed off again. I know it’s about that freshman but, don’t worry too much about it. Oh yeah, you’re coming over today right?
Shinobu: Oh, Yeah.
Ryouichi: Good. Shinobu you should relax a bit.
Shinobu: (I forgot. I promised that I would stay over at his house today. )
Shinobu: But.. is it ok for me to come over?
Ryouichi: What are you saying? If you come over, you can help with my studies, and my mother will be happy to whip up a few dishes.
Shinobu: Is that so. Thanks!!
Hidaka: You’re so late.
Shinobu: Hidaka.  I don’t remember asking you to wait for me.
Hidaka: That one who ran off was you wasn’t it?
Shinobu: Shut up. Anyway, why are you holding my book bag? Give it back.
Hidaka: I’ll hold it for you.
Shinobu: .. You’re not going to say something like, let’s go home together right?
Hidaka: Isn’t it obvious? We are going out after all.
Shinobu: We’re not going out. And what is so obvious?
Ryouichi: Shinobu, it’s useless to try to reason with him.
Shinobu: Yea.
Ryouichi:  Hidaka kun. Thank you for bringing Shinobu’s bag here. But your duty finishes here.
Hidaka: Don’t order me around.
Ryouichi: Too bad for you, Shinobu is coming over to my house today. Well, even if that’s not the case, I wouldn’t let him go back with you.
Hidaka: What’s that?
Shinobu: Today I’m going to stay over at Ryouichi’s house and eat there.
Ryouichi: If you get it then hurry and give back the book bag.
Hidaka: You’re kidding me. After knowing that as if I’ll give senpai over to you.
Shinobu: Huh? Giving me over? Now we’re not talking about me, but the bag!
Ryouichi: It’s fine with me if I have to use force to get it back.
Shinobu: Wai…Ryouichi! Hidaka, you too, Hurry and give it back my bag.
Hidaka: I refuse.
Ryouichi: If speaking cannot make you understand then I have no choice.
Hidaka: Heh. Turning to violence huh? It’s ok for me but, is it ok for you to do that? Public morals president?
Ryouichi: In extraordinary situations, there is no helping it.
Shinobu: What are you guys saying!
Sensei: Oh? Kataoka, you’re still here?
Ryouichi: Sensei! Did something happen?
Sensei: Perfect, I have a favor to ask of you.
Ryouichi: Favor?
Hidaka: Kataoka senpai. It seems like you are very busy. I can take Tsuji senpai home. Senpai please just focus on helping the teacher.[Note: He’s using Keigo [honorific language] in front of the teacher]
Ryouichi: Wait! Hidaka!
Hidaka: See ya!
Shinobu: !!! Hidaka! Hey! Let go! 
Shinobu: Hey! Let go! Hey! What are you doing?
Hidaka: That’s ‘cause you said you were going to Kataoka’s place.
Shinobu: You mean Kataoka SENPAI. Anyway, it’s none of your business isn’t it? Whether I go to his place or not.
Hidaka: Of course it matters, how can I give you up to another man?
Shinobu: Huh? What are you saying?
Hidaka: What? You didn’t notice? Then, from now on, be careful of him.
Shinobu: Him?
Hidaka: Kataoka. That guy has ulterior motives. Because you’re pretty, you should be careful.
Shinobu: Don’t say such rude things about Kataoka. Anyway. You’re the one with ulterior motives.
Hidaka: That’s wrong! I am serious…
Shinobu: Serious?
Hidaka: Serious about wanting senpai. That’s it.
Shinobu: That’s ulterior motive!
Hidaka: Wait a minute! Senpai. You really did promise to eat with him today?
Shinobu: Yeah.
Hidaka: Don’t glare at me like that. In place of that, I’ll take you to eat.
Shinobu: Don’t joke with me, I’m not about to let a younger person, who I just met for the first time, treat me to dinner.
Hidaka: Are you misunderstanding something? What I mean is that I’ll cook for you.
Shinobu: You’re.. going to make it?
Hidaka: Yup. I’m telling you, I’m really good at cooking.
Shinobu: (With a face like that and a body like that, cooking? It must be a lie! But for him to say it with such confidence, he might be telling the truth. What should I do? Today no one is home, if I go home like this, then I’m going to have to get those disgusting convenience store dinners.)
Hidaka: What’s with that face?
Shinobu: Nothing..
Hidaka: If you don’t believe me, confirm it with your own eyes. More like, since I ruined your plans. Something like this, let me make it up to you.
Shinobu: Just.. dinner right?
Hidaka: Of course, what else? You’re coming right?
Shinobu: (Even thought I know in my mind I shouldn’t go, but curiosity got the better of me, and I heading up nodding my head.)
Hidaka: Come in, there’s no one here so you don’t need to worry.
Shinobu: No one? In such a nice apartment? [Mansion in Japanese is just a more expensive and bigger apartment]Your family doesn’t live at home?
Hidaka: For about half a year.
Shinobu: Half a year?!
Hidaka: Yeah. My mom is working overseas, and my dad rented a place near his company, other than days off, he wouldn’t be coming back. No one’s going to coming suddenly so you don’t have to worry about that. Until it’s finished just have a seat somewhere.
Shinobu: Somewhere… even if he said that, In a living room bigger than my own by a few times, where should I have a seat?
Hidaka: What are you standing around for?
Shinobu: .. nothing!
Hidaka: Huuh... Hey, senpai, can you drink alcohol?
Shinobu: Idiot, what are you saying? The age to drink is 20.
Hidaka: Heeeh. That means you’ve never had it?
Shinobu: Of course not. Don’t put me together with you.
Hidaka: Then, have some juice and have a seat on the sofa. Here.
Shinobu: Can you really cook?
Hidaka: Of course, even though I look like this, I’ve been doing housework since I was little. Even thought now it’s kind of like a hobby.
Shinobu: Hahahaha! You wearing that…
Hidaka: What? Don’t laugh. I can’t cook without a apron right?  Though it would probably look better on you than on me.
Shinobu: What.. what are you saying! Stop talking and hurry up and cook.
Hidaka: Yeah, yeah. I got it.
Shinobu: (Finally I get to make fun of him for something, why did it get turned back to me? But looking at the textbooks and dictionary on the table, cooking for himself, this guy may be more serious than he looks. I can probably change my views about him, But trusting him or not is a whole different matter. )
Track 04 [10:41]
Shinobu: Nnn….
Hidaka: Senpai, are you awake?
Shinobu: nn…
Hidaka: Open your mouth a little  bit more.
Shinobu: Hmm… ??!!!
Hidaka: What a shame, you’re completely up now.
Shinobu: .. you! What the..
Hidaka: What’s wrong?
Shinobu: Why are you not wearing anything?
Hidaka: Why? Because there is no isn’t right?
Shinobu: No.. need……!!!!  How come even I’m not wearing anything?!
Hidaka: A sleepy senpai is so brave, saying that it was hot and then started to take off the clothes by yourself.
Shinobu: You’re lying!
Hidaka: Falling asleep right after you eat, senpai is just too cute.
Shinobu: No way…. (For me, the first time going to someone’s house, especially this guy’s house, and falling asleep. How did it become like this? Um.. I remember after that,  Hidaka served that amazing [Japanese style] dinner, and then I was grateful for it. And then for some reason I became kind of sleepy so…. That’s it! Then I laid there on the couch…
Hidaka: What’s wrong?
Shinobu: Hur..
Hidaka: Hur..?
Shinobu: Hurry up and move!!!
Hidaka: Even if you tell me to move, in a delicious situation like this, there’s no way a man would let a chance like this go by.
Shinobu: Don’t you think this is dirty [underhanded]? Doing something like this to a sleeping person.
Hidaka: It’s your fault.
Shinobu: Why is it my fault?
Hidaka: Sleeping so unguardedly in the house of a man who wants you, I cant help it but to think that way. It’s almost the same thing as saying, “Please eat me.”
Shinobu: No way…
Hidaka: Moreover, you were the one who decided to come here. And fell asleep. Even though I was the one who invited you, but you cant say that it’s completely my fault.
Shinobu: You…
Hidaka: Just give it up and let me hold you. It’ll definitely feel good.
Shinobu: Feel good you say, That’s not the problem!! woah, Let go!! Idiot!
Hidaka: Your skin is so white.
Shinobu: How would I know?
Hidaka: Sensitive too.
Shinobu: That’s not it…
Hidaka: What’s not it.
Shinobu: …. Nn…. Mm..
Hidaka: Senpai, you’re too weak.
Shinobu: What are you saying,..
Hidakda: That juice before, was actually alcohol.
Shinobu: You.. ah! Don’t touch me you idiot!
Hidaka: You’re like this already.
Shinobu: Uh… don’t say it!
Hidaka: It feels good being touched by me doesn’t it? Just be honest.
Shinobu: …uh..  shut up…
Hidaka: Let your voice out, you’ll feel better that way. Also I want to hear your voice.
Shinobu: Idi.. uh…
Hidaka: Come on. Cry out.. You’re feeling it.
Shinobu: Shut… up…
Hidaka: You know it right? This place… became a lot wetter.
Shinobu: uh… …. Hidaka…
Hidaka: Let it out.
Shinobu: .. Ahh..
Hidaka: It feels better when your on your stomach right?
Shinobu: what… ah! Cold!! Hidaka! What’s that..
Hidaka: Lotion. If I don’t prepare you properly, it’s going to be painful later.
Shinobu: painful… what are you planning to do?
Hidaka: You didn’t think that was the end  before did you?
Shinobu: No way…
Hidaka: That’ right, right here, we are going to be connected.
Shinobu: No! Stop… uh.. no…..
Hidaka: Relax. I don’t want to hurt you.
Shinobu: !!
Hidaka: I’m going put another finger in.
Shinobu: Ah! Take it out… already..
Hidaka: You’ll feel good soon.
Shinou: .. what?...
Hidaka: Is it here?
Shinobu: .. no…..
Hidaka: It feels good right?
Shinobu: Not.. good…
Hidaka:  That’s strange, when I just tease here a little, you let out such a nice voice. Or is it that it’s not enough? If that’s the case, then I’ll make you feel even better.
Shinobu: Hi… daka…  uh.. this position… ah!
Hidaka: You’re at your limit aren’t you?
Shinobu: nn… nnn..
Hidaka: If that’s so, then I hear you say “I want it” with your mouth.
Shinobu: No..
Hidaka: Senpai.
Shinobu: I want it…
Hidaka: Well, you pass guess. Senpai, relax yourself.
Shinobu: nnn…
Hidaka: Don’t run away.
Shinobu: No..
Hidaka: I’m already deep inside you.
Shinobu:  uh…..
Hidaka: I’m going to move. Amazing, you’re tightening so much.
Shinobu: Already… please…
Hidaka: You just came didn’t you? Don’t cry.
Shinobu: I’m …. Not.. crying…
Hidaka: Senpai, you’re crying face is pretty too.
Shinobu: Is that something you should say to a man?
Hidaka: Makes me want to make you cry more.
Shinobu: Don’t play…. Hidaka….Hidaka… no more….
Hidaka: It feels good right?
Shinobu: .. good….
Hidaka: What? I cant hear you.
Shinobu: It feels good… no…..
Hidaka: Senpai….    Senpai. I didn’t lie right? Just as I thought, our bodies are very compatible with each other. Senpai you even said it was good throughout the whole thing.
Shinobu: I didn’t say it. You gave me alcohol, and set me up.
Hidaka: But if you really wanted to run away you should have been able to.
Shinobu: That’s..
Hidaka: Truthfully, you were interested in me weren’t you?
Shinobu: There’s..
Hidaka: No such thing, is what you want to say right? Normally people wont let someone that hate touch them right?
Shinobu: Well… yeah…
Hidaka: Also, for both of us to be guys, it normally doesn’t feel this good for the first time.
Shinobu: Rea.. really??!
Hidaka: That’s right. That means that our compatibility is perfect. That’s why you should become mine.
Shinobu: Don’t get carried away!
Hidaka: Ow!
Shinobu: First of all, there’s no way I should trust you. Saying things that sound good, but in truth anyone would have been fine. Even though…
Hidaka: That’s not it! I was serious when I said I felt destiny with you. I don’t need anyone but you.
Shinobu: Is that so. Normally, if you like that person, you wont do this right in the beginning.
Hidaka: Yes you would.
Shinobu: No you wouldn’t! Without the person’s permission, taking them to bed is not part of the normal romance sequence!
Hidaka: What’s that? Normal romance sequence?
Shinobu: Normal romance sequence is first to confess, then to confirm each other’s feelings, date, kiss, .. and then sex. If you’re going out with someone there’s got to be a sequence of some sort. To skip all that and take them straight to bed, how can I trust a person like that?
Hidaka: I got it. In other words, if I do it over in the right order, it’ll be ok right?
Shinobu: Huh?
Hidaka: If I follow through the normal sequence you’ll go out with me right?
Shinobu: No.. that’s not what we’re talking about here.
Hidaka: Let’s eat lunch together tomorrow.
Shinobu: Lunch?
Hidaka: That basics right? If the weather’s good, let’s eat it on the roof.
Shinobu: Don’t just decide on your own. Also. The roof is off limits to all  everyone.
Hidaka: I’m sure looking forward to it tomorrow.
Shinobu: Someone. Please tell me that this is just a dream. Thought it’d be a dream, it wont be anything but a nightmare.


Posted by: schetenei (schetenei)
Posted at: June 22nd, 2007 09:55 am (UTC)

Tnx again for your hard work ^__^ Haven't listened yet, but will after exams end :)

About your question (that is, I think you're looking for this): your taglist is here: http://seikred.livejournal.com/tag
I'm not too sure how you can display this link on the mainpage, it depends on which LJ skin you use (you can customize most of them, I think). You can organise your links: http://www.livejournal.com/manage/links.bml though I dunno whether this works with the LJ look you have now.

I uploaded the booklet: http://www.mediafire.com/?711moiijwht

And could you share the pictures of the novel? :)

Posted by: seikred (seikred)
Posted at: June 22nd, 2007 06:54 pm (UTC)

THANKS FOR THE BOOKLET!!!!! <3 ^___^ and good luck on ur exams. ^__^ i'm totally webiate illiterate but thank you! i will try to see if i can change the layout ^__^ i'll up the novel images right away =]

Posted by: cherubeem (cherubeem)
Posted at: June 7th, 2010 05:37 pm (UTC)

Thank you so much guys ^^

Posted by: omgjollybean (omgjollybean)
Posted at: November 1st, 2015 07:01 pm (UTC)

I can't find d audio. Can u upload it?

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