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seikred [userpic]

Upcoming Review 新好情人

October 14th, 2011 (11:37 pm)

Upcoming Review: Xin Hao Qing Ren 新好情人 by 天使J Tian Shi J.

Sorry I am so late with a post, but with budget cuts, especially for the state medical things are so hectic in RL at work... I try to get this review in little increments
on the commute to and from work T_T.  It should be finished soon! =D

seikred [userpic]

Fangirl post ^___^ favorite pairing

July 18th, 2011 (12:25 am)

My favorite pairing of all time is Asami x Takaba from Ayano Yamane's Viewfinder Series. I find the relationship between Takaba and Asami very intense and very much a power struggle, for Asami trying to control Takaba and Takaba trying to keep his own life in his own hands. Two headstrong characters, strong in different sense of course. But it's also very interesting to see Takaba mature throughout the series. When I first started I felt that it didn't have much of a plot and  they were just interesting oneshots. But starting with the Naked truth arc was when I was completely enraptured. How Takaba kept thinking of Asami and Asami doing what he can to get Takaba back. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy Fei Long's Arc but I wanted to see Takaba and Asami's interaction. The oneshot extras are also very cute and I think they play a big role on how Takaba and Asami interact with each other when things are not serious, which is how they SHOULD act together, ADORABLE. ^___^ I also do have a big obsession I guess with big powerful men, so  Asami definitely fits the criteria <3. This is one of the first BL Yaoi series I was exposed to and was very much into keeping in suspense.  I hope the series is continuing because I would definitely love to get to the point where they can say "I love you" to each other, without being out of character.

seikred [userpic]

First Summary and Review! Zi Yue - Mao Pai Xin Nian

July 18th, 2011 (12:03 am)

Title:  Mao Pai Xin Nian [冒牌新娘]
Author: Zi Yue
Rating: 5/5
Genre: Gender Bender, Ancient China
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?b188tdsnlm1u8ri



Ok so first review release is a personal favorite of mine "Mao Pai Xin Nian" 冒牌新 by Zi Yue . It's a very cute and sweet story.

The story is about  a young man Shi Jie Yi in ancient China. He is the servant of the daughter Ling Shuang whose father is a rich merchant. Ling Shuang's father arranged a marriage for her to his friend's son who happens to be a rancher. Ling Shuang is a spoiled child who feels that a rancher is not good enough for her and she has her own lover. So she convinces Shi Jie Yi to take her place as the bride, even though he is a man. Shi Jie Yi, being the kind and innocent person he is, agrees because he feels indebted to to Ling Shuang's family. On the other hand, Yun Tian Yang heard from his father that he has an arranged marriage with a rich merchant's daughter and is very adverse to it. Yun Tian Yang has  a strong opinion about rich spoil girls and refuse to cooperate. Yun Tian Yang's family is very wealthy even though they are ranchers, they do manual labor, thus he cannot accept a girl who is weak and spoiled as his wife. However he is unable to go against his father's wishes. Thus his plan is to first meet with the bride before she makes it to his house and take her to a makeshift broken home and pretend to be poor so that the girl will reject the marriage instead. Thus Shi Jie Yi meets Yun Tian Yang as "Ling Shuang". Yun Tian Yang tries very hard to imply that he is poor and cannot afford many luxuries to for Shi Jie Yi such as a luxurious house, servants, and that he will have to work his keep. Shi Jie Yi, being a servant at Ling's home is very used to manual labor and poverty so that does not stop him. He really wants to have his own family, being an orphan that he is from young age, so he works hard with Yun Tian Yang. Yun Tian Yang told him that he has his own lover and Shi Jie Yi is only his wife in title, to Shi Jie Yi's great pleasure, since Tian Yang will not be 'touching' him, he can keep this secret for life. As they work together Tian Yang starts changing his attitude when he sees how hard Jie Yi works, and get surprised by his optimistic, positive attitude and of course how pretty he is. Slowly he starts to fall in love with Jie Yi.

I'll stop here for those who are interested and will want to read the rest for themselves...  I recommend this very much and I have definitely reread it more than once!


SpoilerCollapse )



Plot wise it was quite a classic gender bender. But it was very well written, Shi Jie Yi is a very kind and gentle person. And it is pretty funny at all the comments that Tian Yang makes to try to convince Jie Yi to leave. Tian Yang is very a very caring person and only had a prejudice to rich girls because of a past experience. It was quite understandable especially that he is able to overcome and love Jie Yi with all his heart. I think the author was able to deliver the characterizations very well. I feel that Zi Yue is a very good author, unfortunately not much people know of her.  I recommend this very much and hope that others will enjoy this story too.

seikred [userpic]

New Change?

July 17th, 2011 (12:22 am)
current mood: cheerful

Yay!! Coming back from the dead. Don't even know if anyone still follows this.... lol. I know I was unable to keep my promise of bringing releases... things never go as planned.... lol. Well since I do have one that is almost complete I am planning to release it. And no more surprise it's Oniisan wa Seito Kaichou sama. Hiyama Nobuyuki x Miki Shinichirou. Yep. A very very very OLD drama. But I have an obsession with Hiyama Nobuyuki's voice because of Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho and Link [Legend of Zelda games] and MikiShin was absolutely adorable here. Anyway it is almost finished so if anyone is interested... lol...

I also found a new passion! Chinese BL Novels!!! XD Over the past year I have really expanded my collection. I think I would like to use this LJ to share the novels, they have been actually quite difficult to find... I hope to make it easier for those not in the Asian countries to have access to these great novels. Unfortunately they will only be available in Chinese. Maybe I'll review and summarize them and they can be good motivation for those who want to learn Chinese. Totally my motivation for learning Japanese XD

And to celebrate the new style of my LJ here is the current collection of my favorite series Feng Yu Jiu Tian and any of you who are members of Yshare may recognize that this is the series that is being translated to English. I have included the newest volume that was just published July 12, 2011. Almost an entire year from the last release! I still await the paper copy from Taiwan ^___^

Anyway until I can decide how I want to set up my LJ please give this series a try if you haven't because it was too long... lol.. like how I put it off for like years because I thought it was too long.. It's truly a great series and the English version is available here: http://sookybabi.livejournal.com/

As for drama translations... I am still willing to do them... just in a very very slow process.... and open to suggestions or even partnerships. The time to listen to a drama is totally different from translating lol... Thanks to those who still leave comments, I do read them and still feel very touched to hear from you. Thanks so much for the support even though I was unable to bring through what I planned.... >.<

seikred [userpic]

Woah..... year and a half since my last post. I'm not dead.

May 8th, 2009 (04:22 pm)

Wooow...... I didnt realized so much time has passed since my last releases...... things have been so hectic in RL ... and being constantly on LJ it didnt feel like i was MIA. XD anyway so. if anyone still actually cares, i actually have 2 projects in the process, drama translations, and I hope to have a triple release for when I am officially back! yay? >.< I'll try to keep that a surprise for now hopefully it will be done within the next 3 weeks. ^_______^ Hope you look forward to them.

seikred [userpic]

Re ups

January 31st, 2008 (08:56 pm)

Sorry to disappoint, but this post is NOT a update TToTT this is very so my most hectic year in college ;__;555

lol i got a few requests for reups so here they are! unfortunately im dorming so i dont have alllllll of my dramas on me im missing toraware no koibito so here i upload the rest of the ones that i did manage to find:

Love Trap - http://www.usaupload.net/d/ws0cj0d3q52
Kimishiruya - http://www.usaupload.net/d/0gb9pzcw1dx
Kimagure Chef - http://www.usaupload.net/d/erx22xsnq7p

anyway enjoy =P

seikred [userpic]

Toraware Koibito con't


seikred [userpic]

Toraware no Koibito

Brining more BL Love! Being bored out of my mind and so decided to be more productive, this time i bring:

Toraware no Koibito: Captive Lover

Morikawa Toshiyuki x Kisaichi Atsushi
Nobuyuki Hiyama
Suzumura Kenichi

seikred [userpic]

Renai Trap 01

June 22nd, 2007 (03:06 pm)

oh my, my lj is getting all chopped up haha >.< posts too large.. 

Here are the novel scans! images only. enjoy! =]

Novel 01 images

Novel 02 images [sequel to above- not dramatized]

Thank you very much for upping the booklet,  schetenei http://www.mediafire.com/?711moiijwht

seikred [userpic]

Renai Trap 02

June 19th, 2007 (03:56 pm)




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